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From the sea to the river,
Palestine will live forever!

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Palestinians have been killed (66630+ have been injured) by Israeli bombardment since October the 7th - 60% are women and children!

Take actions to ceasefire NOW petition | Australian Foreign Minister must cancel her trip to Israel

We demand the Australian government cease all diplomatic relations with Israel until a permanent ceasefire is reached, a non binding humanitarian ceasefire is not enough. petition | Australian Government Support

Calling on the Australian government to immediately retract its support of the Israeli in its perpetration of war crimes against Palestinians to prevent the massacre of more innocent people. petition | CeasefireNow

Putting our voices together and call on all Heads of State, the UN Security Council, and actors on the ground, to prioritize the preservation of human life above all else.

Islamophobia Register Australia

Report incidents of Islamophobia

Greens petition | Stop Arming Israel

Stop Military Exports to Israel. Australia should not be fueling war crimes.

Amnesty petition | Ceasefire

Take action and call on Foreign Minister Penny Wong to call for a lasting ceasefire and put an end to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

Amnesty Quick MP Email

Email your MP and urge them to call for a sustained ceasefire!

APH petition | Ceasefire and an End to Israeli Occupation

Sign Petition EN5622 - Call for a Ceasefire and an End to Israeli Occupation

Assistance for those new to Aus from Gaza

We know how hard times can get, we're here for you. Get the help you need

Defect for Palestine

Jobs for Starbucks and McDonald’s Workers petition | End Blockade

Stand with Palestine: End Blockade, Aid Now! Urge Premiers' Action!

APAN Quick MP Email

Reach out to your MPs to call for an immediate Ceasefire and an end to the genocide in Palestine NOW

Ensure your super is not invested in genocide!

Take one minute to contact your Superfund

Brands to Boycott

A user-friendly, easy to use app that allows you to sleep at night knowing where your money is going.

Australian Family Members trapped in Gaza

Tell your local politicians to call on Penny Wong and Clare O'Neil to evacuate Gazan visa holders to Australia

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