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From the river to the sea,
Always was,
Always will be!

What you need to know

Israel’s attacks on Gaza strip have resulted in the unfolding, catastrophic genocide since October 7 (Source / latest figures here):

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Palestinians Killed

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Palestinians Missing

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Worship Place Destroyed

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Journalists Killed

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Palestinians Injured

0 +

Homes Destroyed

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School / Uni Destroyed

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Forcibly Starved

Palestinians are not just numbers, they are human, they have names. Behind each name, there is a family, friends, there is a whole story.  They deserve to live, and to be FREE.

While mainstream Western media is complicit by its abysmal coverage of events on the ground, this hasn’t stopped people around the world uniting in their call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israel’s illegal occupation. There has never been a greater swell of support for Palestine. The world has woken up. Palestine will be free.

The ICJ Ruling

In January 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered an interim verdict after a case against Israel was brought by South Africa, accusing Israel of committing genocide. The interim verdict did not have to determine whether or not Israel has committed genocide – this will be ruled at a later date. Instead, the court was tasked with delivering provisional measures to prevent the situation worsening. The court found there is “plausible” risk that genocide is taking place in Gaza and ordered Israel to stop all genocidal acts and “prevent and punish” those inciting genocide. The court said it has “taken note” of several genocidal statements made by senior Israeli officials. For example, Israel’s defence minister has called Gazans “human animals” and its president has said, “It’s an entire nation out there that is responsible”.

Israel has said it will ignore the court’s findings and has accused South Africa of “blood libel”.

Full case can be found here.

Western Nations Cancel UNRWA Funding as Gaza Starves

In late January, Australia and other donor countries paused life-saving funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which provides social services to Palestinian refugees, after Israel accused 12 UNRWA staff members of being involved in the October 7 attacks on Israel. UNRWA is the largest humanitarian actor in Gaza.

With Gaza on the brink of famine, UNRWA’s Commissioner General Mr Philippe Lazzarini urged countries to re-consider their funding pause. The accused staff members’ contracts were terminated and a full investigation was launched. Australia’s foreign minister Penny Wong was forced to concede that she had no evidence of the allegation that UNRWA staff were involved in the October 7 attack before pausing funding. Following similar moves by Canada, Sweden and the European Union, Australia reinstated its UNRWA funding in March under “stringent conditions”.

Written By Megan Moore

Take action to ceasefire NOW

Let your voice be heard

My name is [XXX],

I am contacting you about the Palestinian genocide. I find Australia’s silence about Israel’s war crimes and violation of multiple international human rights deeply shameful and upsetting. 

I want you to call for the australian government to:

  • Withdraw support for israel’s genocide.
  • Demand a permanent ceasefire now and end the siege on Gaza.
  • Demand israel to release all Palestinian political prisoners. 
  • Demand an end to all Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and apartheid policies against Palestinians. 
  • Recognise and facilitate the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homeland. 
  • Impose sanctions and cut all political, economic and military ties with israel. 
  • Recognise Palestinian Statehood.

If you do not call for the end of Israel’s genocide, occupation and apartheid against Palestine, as well as recognising its Statehood and the right to return for Palestinian refugees, I will make sure not to vote for you at the next election. I will also organise my community to ensure you no longer have our vote, as you do not represent our interests.

Thank you for your time.

The above script is just an example, you can tailor it according to what feels right.

  • Tip: You only need to call once daily, so your calls are not considered harassment.
  • Tip: Be calm and polite when you call and/or email.

Awareness is Resistance

Amplifying Palestinian voices is crucial when our mainstream media and platforms, are censoring their stories and vilifying their truth. Israeli occupation forces are murdering Palestinian journalists at alarming rates. Our collective voices function as an extension of their voices on the ground, connecting our communities to resist zionist and white supremacist media from manufacturing consent for genocide.

تحيا فلسطين
Long live Palestine
Leva Palestina

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