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Free Palestine
History didn't start on October 7th
Free Palestine
From our hearts and above,
Palestinian kids should be loved!
Free Palestine
Follow Freedom Flotilla Coalition
in their mission to break the illegal Israeli blockade
Free Palestine
Join the Gaza Solidarity Camp
at Sydney University
Free Palestine
From the river to the sea,
Always was,
Always will be!

Free Palestine

“Freedom in ‘Free Palestine’ refers to the fact that Palestinians have been denied the realization of their right to self-determination since Britain granted the Jews the right to establish a national homeland in Palestine through the Balfour Declaration of 1917. This continues to be the crux of the problem: the ongoing denial of Palestinians to live in equality, freedom and dignity like everyone else.” ~ Nimer Sultany, a lecturer in law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.

What you need to know

Israel’s attacks on Gaza strip have resulted in the unfolding, catastrophic genocide since October 7 (Source / latest figures here):

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Palestinians Killed

0 +

Palestinians Missing

0 +

Worship Place Destroyed

0 +

Journalists Killed

0 +

Palestinians Injured

0 +

Homes Destroyed

0 %

School / Uni Damaged

0 +

Forcibly Starved

Palestinians are not just numbers, they are human, they have names. Behind each name, there is a family, friends, there is a whole story.  They deserve to live, and to be FREE.

While mainstream Western media is complicit by its abysmal coverage of events on the ground, this hasn’t stopped people around the world uniting in their call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israel’s illegal occupation. There has never been a greater swell of support for Palestine. The world has woken up. Palestine will be free.

How did this begin?

History didn’t start on October the 7th, there has been decades of occupation, oppression & massacres from Israel.

Grave human rights abuses are a daily reality for Palestinians living under Israel’s brutal occupation and system of apartheid. When Palestinians resist this brutality, they are labelled as terrorists. Over the years, Palestinians have waged several uprisings (intifada) and protests against the occupation, both violent and non-violent. Israel has responded with extreme brutality, while enjoying total impunity from its Western allies. Clashes between the two sides always result in significantly higher Palestinians casualties, given Israel’s military dominance.

Learn more about History here.

Take action NOW



Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Australia is part of the global effort to end support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.

Let your voice be heard

My name is [XXX],

I am contacting you about the Palestinian genocide. I find Australia’s silence about Israel’s war crimes and violation of multiple international human rights deeply shameful and upsetting. 

I want you to call for the australian government to:

  • Withdraw support for israel’s genocide.
  • Demand a permanent ceasefire now and end the siege on Gaza.
  • Demand israel to release all Palestinian political prisoners. 
  • Demand an end to all Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and apartheid policies against Palestinians. 
  • Recognise and facilitate the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homeland. 
  • Impose sanctions and cut all political, economic and military ties with israel. 
  • Recognise Palestinian Statehood.

If you do not call for the end of Israel’s genocide, occupation and apartheid against Palestine, as well as recognising its Statehood and the right to return for Palestinian refugees, I will make sure not to vote for you at the next election. I will also organise my community to ensure you no longer have our vote, as you do not represent our interests.

Thank you for your time.

The above script is just an example, you can tailor it according to what feels right.

  • Tip: You only need to call once daily, so your calls are not considered harassment.
  • Tip: Be calm and polite when you call and/or email.

Awareness is Resistance

Amplifying Palestinian voices is crucial when our mainstream media and platforms, are censoring their stories and vilifying their truth. Israeli occupation forces are murdering Palestinian journalists at alarming rates. Our collective voices function as an extension of their voices on the ground, connecting our communities to resist zionist and white supremacist media from manufacturing consent for genocide.

Free Palestine Song
Maclemore | Hind's Hall

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Thank you Maclemore for being the voice of oppressed.

For those who don’t know Hind Rajab; the six years old girl was in a car with her family under Israeli bombing and they were stuck and they couldn’t leave, then they killed her family and she was still stuck with her sister, they called the red crescent begging for help to get out of there, but they also killed her sister.

Hind was then stuck all alone in the car with her dead family bodies while she was still talking to the red crescent through the phone , but the call connections was cut and she was missing for many days , with an unknown fate.

Hind was then found killed with her family in the car a few days after the incident. Hind’s story is one of thousands of stories of kids and families in Gaza.

May your soul Rest In Peace Hind, and free Palestine!